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Sept 12, 2013

The Spanish orthopaedic surgeon Pedro Guillén returns to be equipped with a few Google Glass for a master class on two pioneering techniques in surgery that will continue to live and in high definition over three hundred universities and hospitals in the world.

For the first time, students, doctors and researchers located in three hundred different points of the world may follow a lecture of doctor Guillén using the Google Glass, in real time and in high definition, on two pioneering techniques of surgery (the implant of chondrocytes, autologous and the arthroscope without cables, WAD) through the Google Glass augmented reality glasses video Hangout.

This master class live surgery is possible thanks to the partnership of Spanish companies such asTelefónicaIndra and Droiders. The latter, based in Murcia, was responsible for technology of the first surgical procedure in the world with the Google Glass through its platform Glasster Streamer, made on June 21 and which is echoed by Digital AV Magazine.

Pedro Guillen Google Glass

Two prestigious U.S. surgeons.UU. and Europe will connect 17 September live and intervene actively through the Hangout de las Google Glass with doctor Pedro Guillén, head of the Department of Traumatology of the Clinic Center, which forms part of this Alliance of companies, and was who performed the first operation with Google’s augmented reality glasses.

Glasster Streamer of Droiders platform allows the broadcast of video in real time with the Google Glass, with support HTML 5 and Flash, which will be broadcast free on the web pages of the clinical center and Droiders, via a youtube link.

Implant autologous chondrocytes is a technique to date could only be learnt in clinic Center, responsible for its development. “It’s a complex technique for the regeneration of the knee which, for the first time, will be able to learn from anywhere in the world,” explains doctor Guillén.

In this regard, in addition to training interventions to two surgeons participating in the operation, carried out on live persons who connect may ask doctor Guillén and his team via chat.

Google Glass

Deploy technology

In addition Droiders Glasster Streamer, the diffusion of this lecture is based on technological deployment Telefónica to relay it in high definition and in real time; video call Google system, and technology Indra WAD.

Retransmission design will include various surgical images captured with other two cameras, of device Arthroscopic Indra telemedicine and a room camera, to check the usefulness of the Google Glass and Hangouts facilitated by Glassters Streamer in tele-education and telemedicine system on one screen.

Pedro Guillen Google Glass foto Vega Media Press

These three images will be integrated on a single screen with telephone technology disseminated to distribute the signals of audio and video in high-definition streaming operation, “ensuring that the contents are transmitted synchronously and with the highest standards of quality and safety in the delivery of the data” underline from the company.

Through WiFi transmission “is eliminates the need for cabling for the realization of artro-endoscopy – explains the doctor Guillén-, allowing its use in areas of scarce infrastructure (rural areas, hospitals, etc.), and the reduction of costs and infections”.

For its part, Google Glass is a device by way of glasses which incorporates in his mount a small screen (in the upper outer quadrant of the field of vision), and has Internet access and voice by laryngeal vibrations and transmission of sound through bone conductivity. This allows the user to maintain multi-directional communications and access any information online while performing another activity with only verbal orders.

Pedro Guillen Google Glass

First intervention with Google Glass

On 21 June, Dr. Pedro Guillén became the first Surgeon to broadcast a surgical operation using the smart goggles with augmented Google, with the platform developed by Droiders reality.

As said before this master class the doctor Guillén, “found us the experience very interesting, but we wanted to go one step further and harness the potential of this technology to form live to thousands of doctors of the world in novel techniques as the implant of chondrocytes, autologous and the arthroscope wireless”.

In the earlier speech, along with the orthopedic surgeon Pedro Guillén participated virtually from United States doctor Homero Rivas, director of surgery innovative of the school of medicine from Stanford University and an expert in telemedicine.




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