May 25, 2014

Google Glass – what an intriguing concept, indeed. With each new day we like to examine the fields of possible applications. Let us face it. It was only a matter of time before someone would use them during an operation. This is exactly what happened in the UK. As always, this story has two sides and two kinds of participants with quite different interests.

For doctors and students of medicine this is an unprecedented opportunity to learn and share experience first-hand. It is one thing to make a video of a certain surgical intervention, but it is a completely different thing to see from the surgeon’s perspective. On the other side, there will be patients, who would not be thrilled to appear in Google Glass movies with a medical theme.

It comes without saying that the main purpose of the ground shaking inventions is to improve and change our lives in a better way, and not so serve only for our amusement. This is something worth seeing and experiencing first-hand. When it comes to Google Glass use in the operation room the opportunities are literally limitless.

We sure hope that we will not experience the dark side of this inspiring story. It would be a shame to see how some criminal uses Google Glass for making a memory of his crimes. It is in our nature to use some tool for good or evil. It is all in the head behind the Google Glass to make a decision what it would be used for.


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