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Feb 2014

Is this the future yet? There’s been another potential discovery of use for Google Glass in medicine: autopsies and post-mortem examinations. An Article titled “Google Glass for Documentation of Medical Findings: Evaluation in Forensic Medicine” explored the use of hassle free photography from investigators.

Taking photos during autopsies has been a challenging for forensic scientists, so this study wanted to see if the images generated by Google Glass were a valid substitution for traditional photos.  Turns out, the photos are of pretty good quality and were generally judged to be a suitable replacement. There were a few issues though..

First, Google Glass doesn’t have a zoom feature. Result: investigators sometimes had to get too close for comfort to their photograph subjects. Second, battery life was a hindered long term use. These are, of course, problems that could be solved with Glass upgrades of the future but are obstacles at present.

Another article dealing with this potential application also questioned the ability to use Glass to record audio during portions of the exam. Or possibly using Glass for broadcasting to educational settings for in-training surgeons. There are lots of places to learn about Glass and medicine, likehere or here. Enjoy.


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