May 25, 2014

Banner iCare™

Telehealth is an increasing form of treating patients, across the nation.  In different medical settings, it finds much-needed help, and the remote iCU is one of them.  The following is from the website of Banner Health.

Banner Health is the first health care provider in Arizona and Colorado to use telehealth technology to monitor patients from hundreds of miles away.

Under Banner Health’s Banner iCare™ Intensive Care program, specially trained physicians and nurses back up the bedside ICU team and monitor ICU patient information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The remote team responds to requests for help from the bedside care team, monitors for adverse trends and interrupts before adverse trends become adverse outcomes and monitors and supports “Best Practice” compliance.

Banner Health is also breaking new ground with a remote monitoring system for our medical/surgical patients who require less intensive care.

A Virtual Doctor
From a command center in Mesa, specialists can pick up nearly imperceptible changes in a patient’s condition or vital signs. Because intensive care patients are so medically fragile, this early warning system can help head off life-threatening complications.

Immediate Response
When the specialists, called intensivists, detect a problem or concern, they can talk live to the caregivers at the bedside via voice and video. This timely response can result in shorter hospital stays with fewer patient complications. The intensivist is not a replacement for any caregivers at the hospital but rather an additional practitioner who has immediate access to the patient’s vital signs, medical records, test results, X-rays, and other items found in the medical record.

Facilities that offer Banner iCare™:


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