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(To see HANGOUT of Jay Widmer MD, Cardiology Fellow from Mayo Clinic, who headed this study, go HERE: on the panel are Dave Albert MD, of AliveCor, and Larry Creswell MD, of Athletes Heart Blog)

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Emerging mobile technology could be poised to change how we deliver this care. A recent abstract presented at the recent American College of Cardiology conference suggesting significant benefits in the use of a smartphone app on outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation recently brought this potential into focus.

Going beyond apps and even traditional health devices like blood pressure cuffs, advances in wearable sensors that monitor gait, position, and activity hint at a future where formal rehabilitation programs can be delivered remotely long after patients leave the confines of the rehabilitation facility.

In a recent study out of the Mayo Clinic, patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation post-MI were offered the opportunity to use an app that provides the ability to track their progress and delivers daily supportive messaging as well as education material. In addition to greater improvements in body weight, blood pressure, and quality of life when compared to a non-user population, they also found a significant reduction in rehospitalization.

Granted, there are many confounders in this study and a randomized trial (which is supposedly in the works) will give us far more insight into the incremental gains here. The data also has yet to be formally published.



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