By John Bennett MD


On May 15th, at 9:00 EST, Jay Widmer MD, Cardiology Fellow from Mayo Clinic, spoke about his study of post-MI patients who employ a smart phone app recover better.


Also, on the panel are one famous Cardiologist and one Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

Dave Albert MD

Dave Albert MD of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is an inventor and a Cardiologist, who some consider the “Father of mHealth”, mostly because of his creation of one of the first popular medial apps, AliveCor.


Larry Creswell MD

Also, appearing on the panel is Larry Creswell MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon from Jackson, Mississippi, who is also a prominent blogger.  In addition to his doctoring and blogging, Larry has a very unusual hobby: triathlete!

Now, that is a very unusual pasttime for a doc!  His blog, Athlete’s Heart Blog, deals, as the title implies, to heart conditions relating to athletes, and how to build a healthy heart.


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