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April produced a bounty of interesting medical apps — so many that our research team is still going through them all. In the interim, I have gone through half of the new medical apps identified by our research team and the following are the ones I found noteworthy for our readers. If you want to read our other “top medical apps for the month of” lists they are featured at the end of this post.

Eyes Have it

Eye issues are a common presenting complaint in family practice, urgent care, and Emergency Room settings. Often times this is because patients have difficulty getting into their ophthalmologist’s office for same day appointments, or it’s after hours. If you’re not an ophthalmologist, dealing with eye pathology can be difficult, and unlike other organ systems, there aren’t great quick online references available.

That’s where the Eyes Have It app comes in. It was created by University of Michigan’s Jonathan Trobe MD. The app is a great pocket reference for eye pathology. As the pictures show, it includes almost every type of pathology you would see in a primary care, urgent care, or ER setting.

There are plenty of pictures, with short, concise explanations. My biggest gripe with the app is the videos. The app pulls in Youtube videos — but unfortunately they only worked 20 to 30 percent of the time for me. I’m fine with the videos not being stored within the app (this decreases the app’s footprint on your phone), but you would hope the links would be correct.

We recently reviewed the Eye Emergency Manual app, which is a free resource that helps you triage eye emergencies. Try that app out first since it’s free, and if you want a more detailed app, then the Eyes Have it App is definitely worth a download. We’ll have a more in depth review of this app coming shortly from one of our staff writers.

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Price: $4.99

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