May 2, 2014

The foresight companies have in being able to unlock Google Glass and its potential becomes more amazing every day. Apps are being created for Glass in the healthcare industry fairly often and they seem to keep showing just how vital Google Glass may become for saving someones life, or simply to help one understand further the instructions and directions of their physician. Take for example an app created by the team over at Kareo, which claims to do just that and more.

Kareo’s vision over the next five years is to push the service to become the market-leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for problems faced by small medical practices. And with the release of their new app for Google Glass, they are on the right track towards doing just so.
Kareo has created a simple app that allows care providers to record their educational sessions with patients, and then transmit the video to a secure patient portal for the patient and their care team’s use. The process literally requires a few taps to complete and helps engage the patient in their care as well as address “avoidable hospital re-admissions and after care complications,” according to the team.

Studies show that a majority of patients do not recall specific instructions given to them by their providers within minutes of their encounter, which can impact their health and  lead to avoidable re-admissions and increased costs for the patient and the health care system. By using this app, patients can avoid this problem, and the healthcare business as a whole can see many added benefits from the use of this technology.

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