KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo has just announced his predictions for the iWatch, Apple’s rumored upcoming smartwatch. He did this in his 2014 product roadmap, which details what Apple’s plans are for 2014. The full roadmap can be found at the bottom of the article.

In his predictions, he states that the rumored iWatch will come in two different sizes: 1.3 inches and 2.5 inches. This is in accordance with previous rumors of multiple sizes, although the numbers have changed. Kuo says that both models would have flexible AMOLED displays with sapphire glass. This is a bold prediction, because Apple has never used AMOLED display technology in its products before. This display technology is Samsung’s choice for most mobile device screens in recent history and there has been much debate as to whether it is superior to other displays. If Apple did use AMOLED technology, it would be a very surprising move.

Kuo goes on to predict that the iWatch would feature built-in biometric sensors, integration with iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and an NFC chip. Previous reports have also suggested biometric sensors, and with Apple’s rumored Healthbook app for other devices, the sensors will most likely work side-by-side with it. An NFC chip would be a first for Apple, who has been reluctant to include them in recent iOS devices.

As for the design of the watch, Kuo predicts that it will be a slim, lightweight design made from liquid metal. He says it will come in a variety of models, ranging from low-priced models to models that cost thousands of dollars. This would allow it to compete with competitors at many different price points. In a quote from Kuo, he said this:

“Fashion is the name of the game; most expensive model likely priced at several thousand US dollars. Referring to the rules of the fashion market, we predict the iWatch casing and band will come in various materials. The most expensive model of the iWatch line will carry a price tag of several thousand US dollars.”

Lastly, he says the battery will be 200 to 250 mAh integrated into a unique antenna design which will allow for wireless charging. He expects this battery would give the iWatch about a day’s worth of power, placing its battery life about on par with competing smartwatches.

The Apple iWatch is yet to be officially announced, and may be unveiled as early as June at WWDC 2014. For more breaking news and information on the iWatch and other smartwatches, SelfScreens has got you covered!


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