by John Bennett MD

It was fortuitous that I discovered Google Hangouts, when studying Google Plus.  I had done Twitter, got a decent handle on that one, Facebook, not so good. but man, Google Plus.  WOW!  In my mind, it is perfectly made to explore the various medical niches and settings, establish communities, and have relevant Hangouts.

 That is now our goal at this website.

So, in that vein, we are going to try to engage the interested audience in another way: Hangout Publishing.  With certain medical articles, we will give the author the option of having a Google Hangout a few days after publication, hosted by the author, and perhaps including relevant guests, who  may have been referenced, in writing about his main idea of the article.

Not every article, but occasional, thought-provoking articles.

To me, there are many benefits  to introduce the platform of Google Hangouts into Publishing

1) It is more personal; one gets to see, and know the author

2) The subject matter is given fuller study

3) The author gets to go into areas not covered by the article, but areas his/her guests may find important.

4) It engages the audience; the audience is allowed the option of Tweeting comments/questions in Real time with the author and guests.

At any rate, we are going to try this idea of “Hangout Publishing“.

As e.e. cummings said,

“why not?”

  And, to authors, we don’t expect to be the primary publishers of your article, but please get permission from the original publisher to include a link to a  possible Hangout about that article on our website, www.InternetMedicine.com


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