Fast contractions and depolarizations in mitochondria revealed with multiparametric imaging
Mitochondria. Credit:
(ED NOTE: Now, we don’t pretend, as regular docs, to know what the heck “multiparametric imaging is”, but we include this article to show that the tools of research and investigation are getting more resolute, and it is only a matter of time for further, new discoveries once the tools of visualization are on the scene, before more exact functioning of these tiny organielles are revealed…..)


by John Hewitt

May 1, 2014

(Medical Xpress)—When something bad happens to otherwise healthy neurons it’s easy to blame the usual suspects—the mitochondria. In some cases the nucleus might be the one at fault, as in a de novo mutation in a critical gene or in some other runaway error process in the instruction pipeline. Othertimes there could be leakage into the brain of toxins, bacteria, or even overzealous patriot cells of the host. But by and large, it’s the mitochondria who bear responsibility for nearly everything the brain does and so it is they who must accept it when it fails. To better understand how these organelles function, researchers have turned to special imaging methods that let them observe multiple aspects of their behavior all at once.

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