by John Bennett MD

John Adler MD, Chief of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, is noted for many reasons, besides his surgical expertise and business acumen.  He was the inventor of the ground-breaking “Cyberknife“, a medical device which, non-invasively super-accurately radiates lesions in the body. (See INTERVIEW with Dr. Adler, speaking about this tech)

(From  the Stanford Website)

“This painless technology offers noninvasive delivery of high dose X-rays focused precisely on a targeted region to treat tumors, brain and spine conditions, and cancers of the pancreas, prostate, liver and lungs. A flexible robotic arm with specialized tracking capabilities is used to reach body regions and significantly lowers the amount of radiation delivered to surronding tissues.”

Now, Dr. Adler is continuing to change the face of medicine, by impacting Online Publishing.  He has created “cureus.com“, a website designed to simplify, and speeden the publication of online medical articles.

See the Hangout he had with Neuroscientist, Ayden Jacob, speaking about this innovative publishing platform, cureus.com:


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