by John Bennett MD

Well, we heard from Patel; actually we had a Google Hangout with him.  Had a bit of a problem with his Indian accent, but understood most of the stuff he said.  And, like in any conversation where you don’t understand someone, you just shut up, and agree, which I did.

Patel seems to know his stuff.  His company, I am glad to say, has a pretty extensive track record in Africa.  Matter of fact, next week he is going to Africa (Uganda and Kenya) with a bunch of doctors to look arround.  He said his company has four other Telemedicine Posts in Zambia, and that he will try to get us the contact info.  And he just wrote and gave me links to explore his program.

Apparently, India has a big Telemedicine presence in Africa; first of all, it is much closer, than the USA, as you can see on the map.  There is also, I am hearing rumblings, a big Chinese presence there, who are basically after the natural resources of Africa, like us good ole capitalist Gringos.


So it looks good so far.

Here’s some pictures of other Zambian Clinics that Patel sent




 And Jones gave us the name of his clinic.

Namushakende RHC

I don’t know what the RHC stands for, maybe “Health Clinic”.  And I wonder if it Swahilli, since that language is spoken in parts of Africa and in north Zambia.  Livingstone is in southern Zambia.


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