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April 28, 2014

Our medical models are “carbon copies” of the refined DICOM data from CT/MRI scans. The materials used and special finishing processes allow surgeons to carry out pre-operative planning. The models provide accurate visualisation of anatomy including fragment position. They allow planning of surgery to include implants required and pre-bending of implants. The use of models has been shown to decrease surgery and aneasthetic times and allows the surgeon to make smaller and more accurate localised incisions. This may lead to a decrease in patient length of stay. Models can also be used as an effective aid when explaining the operation to a patient.

Replica 3dm models help in the identification of correct surgery rental kits saving up to 25% on unused kits as surgeons are able to pre-fit, drill and tap models during pre-operative planning. A recent hip revision model which cost around £600 was able to reduce the overal procedural cost by an estimated £3,500 [see case reports below].

Turnaround Times
At Replica 3dm we have experience in producing models for Maxillofacial, Orthopeadics, ENT, and Plastics Departments. On receipt of a CT scan we produce a quote within 72 hours and turnaround a model within 5 working days of receiving quote confirmation. Urgent models can be initiated for print within hours of receipt of a CT. Elective surgery models go into our 2 week window print queues where urgency isn’t such an issue.

Supplying CT information
CT scans can be sent to Replica 3dm via the PACS service or by using IP9 protocols within the NHS. Other medical institutions can use encrypted CDs or a form of secure drop box account.


Medical Case Reports

Replica 3dm requests that surgeons carrying out complicated or unsual procedures where a Replica 3dm model has been supplied that they produce a case report. The case report provides valuable information regarding the procedure, the benefits of a model and the patient outcome. This information is then passed to other surgeaons on our client base to further improve patient care.

Ellbow Fracture
Comminuted, intra-articular fracture [view report]
Hip Revision
The use of a 3D model to plan hip reconstruction surgery for a case with a large acetabular defect. This case discusses the benefits associated with using an anatomical life sized model to plan reconstructive hip surgery. [view report]

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