by John Bennett MD

(HUMOR: Please do not take this seriously, because I am a white person myself, and suffer from the same affliction,  but let the facts speak!)

MIT Scientists, working alongside  Researchers in Masstrict University in the Netherlands , have further confirmed what many people have said for years; White People Cannot Dance.

This conclusion was re-inforced when due to extensive digital searching, MIT Scientists unearthed an old copy of Soul Train Dancers dancing to the same Daft Punk song, “Mexican Lucky“, and compared it to a video of White People dancing to the same song.

This proves conclusively; White People cannot dance, especially when compared with Black People!!

Now, compare that video with a video taken from the Black people program, “Soul Train”, to EXACTLY the same song, and judge for yourself

…and, More Proof


…and more…


….and, could not leave out this one of this white boy gettin’ DOWN!



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