(ED NOTES: If you were raised in my generation, you witnessed the advent of MTV, a television channel dedicated to strictly music (Remember Duran Duran?).  Well, now, in these times of digitalization of the Healthcare field, there is now a Internet TV channel dedicated to happenings in the Pharma Industry, and thank the Lord that these white Pharma newscasters don’t dance!


PharmaTelevision® is the groundbreaking online TV channel for the biopharma industry, offering a television news archive, analysis and feature interviews with industry leaders. Since May 2006, it has rapidly grown and the channel now boasts a global audience of 10,000+ viewers including top industry executives.

PharmaTelevision is produced by professional television industry experts using professional studios worldwide as well as its own studios in Oxford, England.
PharmaTelevision offers a range of channels, including PharmaTelevision News Review – a channel featuring interviews, panel discussions and analysis with leading experts and leaders in our industry, and the Business Report – a programme that analyses key business and market trends in our industry.
Other channels include the Regional Report – featuring programmes that focus on the key locations for pharmaceutical and biotech investment, the Financial Report – a programme focused on companies and their performance and the Business Network – a series of interviews and profiles of some of the leading companies in biotech.
We will be filming at the following conferences so please contact
 for information about appearing on PharmaTelevision.

PHARMA TELEVISION TESTIMONIES(Have no fear, no white people dancing!)


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