(ED NOTE: This is the Fourth in a running installment of posts, documenting our attempts to help Jones, a Zambian nurse in Africa, to set up a Telemedicine Posts; no privacy, no security, wacka, wacka)

by John Bennett MD

April 15, 2014

Amazing!  When good ole Jones told me that he was sending some photos of the ambulance they use, I was certainly not expecting the above.  I thought, on perfunctory glance, that these pictures must be the wrong ones, I don’t see any vehicle there, without looking closely.

Wait a minute, I said to myself.  Those damn oxen are towing that canoe!  THAT IS THE AMBULANCE!  Maybe Jones was being a bit coy, but he certainly blindsided me!  What a great way to move patients, and good on gas, although be careful with matches, with all that flatulent methane-variety gases!

Call 911, and bring some hay!!




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