printed tumor 3D Printed Tumor to Help Study Cancer Therapies


by EDITORS on Apr 14, 2014 • 2:27 pm

In order to study tumors, a research team of scientists in China and the US has developed a cervical cancer tumor model to be a tool to study and experiment with. The model was printed using 3D technology and consists of a substrate of fibrous proteins (gelatin, alginate and fibrin) that was permeated with “immortal” Hela cervical cancer cells. The substrate emulates the same basic composition of the extracellular matrix of tumors, and offers the cancer cells a pleasant place to grow and multiply.

The model is 10 cm on a side and the cells were added to the protein mix before being sent off to the printer. The printing process itself that creates the final 3D structure doesn’t significantly affect the cells, with 90 percent of the cancer cells remaining alive after printing.

Study in BiofabricationThree-dimensional printing of Hela cells for cervical tumor model in vitro….

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