April 8, 2014

“InMoov” is the first open source 3D printed life size humanoid robot. Since October 2012, Gael Langevin, a French modelmaker and sculptor has been building the InMoov robot step-by-step.

Starting with an Arduino-controlled hand and forearm, the robot slowly came to life. The InMoov robot’s “skin,” joints, gears and many other pieces are all 3D printed.

Its concept, based on sharing and community, allows people from all over the world to print and build the Inmoov robot. Countless projects has reproduced his design, and part of the InMoov are even being “hacked”to use as prosthetics.

Wevolver, a website hosting hardware development projects, such as open source robotics, 3D printers, invited Gael to come to the 2014 Arduino Day in Amsterdam to show and tell about his InMoov robot. Watch the video below:


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