31 March 2014
Doctors are grumpy for lots of reasons. One is their frustration with elecronic medical records and how users have been mandated to use them. No one seems to disagree that the digitalization of healthcare data must happen to revolutionize how we practice, but most docs now feel like high priced data entry clerks inputting data so they will get paid for their services. What do doctors want from technologists creating digital health products and services? They want Four things: 1) Informati0n, 2) Integration 3) Intuition 4) Interpretation


Not data: Having infinite data points derived from the Internet of Things will tax an already time starved and stressed workforce.
Big data needs to be translated into actionalbe information that a doctor can use to treat the patient sitting in front of them in the examining room


 I need information not just from the EMR where I work, but every other point of service in the ecosystem. That could mean another hosptial or ER, or it could mean a retail based clinic, a health club or a beauty parlor doing
blood pressure measurements on hight risk, underserved patients


 I need a user interface that is intuitive and will no disrupt workflow.
It will get me to the information I need in the shortest period of time in a format I can understand or modify.


I need help with making decisions. I’m just not smart enough to connect all those dots indicating drug-drug interactions, side effects based on your genome, differential diagnoses based your signs and symptoms or a whole
host of other decisions I have to make day in and day out. There is a serious gap between technologists and end users when it comes to the design, devlopment and deployment of digital health products. The sooner we close it ,
the less hostile doctors will be and better patients will be served.

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