APRIL 2, 2014

Korean start up ROKIT! has developed a desktop 3D Printer that is one tenth the price of other 3D Printers on the market. Yoo Seok-hwan, the CEO of the company has been leading the movement of popularization of 3D printing in Korea and recently he was invited to share his experiences on ”Heart to Heart”, a popular Korean talk show. You can check the interview below to find out why Yoo Seok-hwan gave up working for big multinational companies to start his own 3D Printer business. Oh, and in case you don’t speak Korean, there are English subtitles on the video!

3D Printer, Alchemy of the 21st Century! – Yoo Seok-hwan, ROKIT CEO
“3D printing” industry as the new Industrial Revolution in 100 years!
Everything you can imagine ranging from shoes and buildings to a tabloid edition of the human body and artificial veins can be printed out.
Though being introduced to the market 30 years ago, popularization possibility of 3D printing has made it a buzz word these days.
In Korea, there is a figure who has been leading the movement of popularization of 3D printing.
He is Yoo Seok-hwan, CEO of ROKIT!
Why did he decide to start his business with 3D printer all of a sudden after working for a Korean big company, American multinational company and global venture bio-enterprise for years?
What is Korea’s first 3D desktop printer gaining enormous attention because of a variety of choices of materials and reasonable price which is a tenth of the existing international products?
On this week’s “Heart to Heart,” CEO Yoo Seok-hwan will reveal his stories of challenges and adventures!


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