Jones H. Munang’andu

by John Bennett MD

(To see “Episode 1”, go HERE)

This is the second Episode of our “diary” documenting our attempts to help Jones (pictured above) set up a Telemedicine Post in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa.

We are not especially experienced in these matters, and have no experience doing something like this, but fortune directed us to meet Jones,  an enterprising local nurse there.  He expressed his desire to help his local people to access healthcare in his community, and so we do our best to aid him in any way.

We expect to have setbacks, but we will be transparent here in this log, with what is happening, and would like to have the readers give their input at the bottom of this page, on how we may overcome such an obstacle or difficulty.  I guess this is called “crowdsourcing”.

Jone sent a few video files, which we could not decifer, in spite of showing it to two experienced video people here  (WLMP Format, which is rare, and my friends said they have never seen).  However Jones did send a few

pictures taken around the clinic, which follow here:

Photo0000Photo0001Photo0002 Photo0003 Photo0005 Photo0003Photo0008Photo0002Photo0010Photo0011Photo0012Photo0013Photo0014

I am waiting for a drawing showing the inside of the clinic, as well as how it functions now, if they draw blood, if there are any testing facilities, etc.  This opportunity might be a great time to see how digital advances would work in a place like this, so stay tuned.

What do you think we should send first?  What do you think would be most important in this setting, in these digital days?

Jones writes:

-The future of Telemedicine in Zambia is bright as internet access is becoming more and more accessible in all corners of our country. There needs to be a direct policy though to make internet accessibility affordable for more people to embrace such services. Our rural communities that rarely receive the attention of highly specialized medical personnel will now have attention of specialist medical officer and referral system will be at the press of a button. I therefore encourage all Zambians and those that have had an opportunity to access this page to use this technology.



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