March 12, 2014

Though technological innovations continue to break down barriers between patients and doctors who can’t always meet face to face, other barriers are still in need of conquering.

One of them is the language barrier.

For that reason, MobileVRI is set to launch iPad and iPhone video for language interpreters, an innovation that could mitigate miscommunications between patients and doctors that speak different languages.

Fortunately, healthcare organizations – and organizations within a wide array of industries – will soon have access to interpreters when and where they need them, over iPads and iPhones on live video, with the coming launch in early April of MobileVRI (Mobile Video Remote Interpretation).

The mobile video system is designed for agencies that already provide interpreters to organizations, such as insurance companies, health care providers, courts and law firms, and government services agencies that rely on interpreters. It enables agencies to provide remote video interpreters over iPads and iPhones without having to make a sizeable investment in expensive technology or specialized equipment.

MobileVRI runs on Apple mobile devices with a front facing camera.

“We selected Apple iOS to produce one of the industry’s first on-demand native mobile technologies because of its stability and consistency across all hardware configurations,” says Uttam Shah, MobileVRI’s Chief Technology Officer. “We have an enterprise grade solution for companies, governments and institutions, with ease of use and accessibility of service.”

To learn more about MobileVRI, click here.


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