by John Bennett MD

One of the perks of this job is ricocheting around the internet, and bumping into some good stuff happening in the Health care field.  This happened when I bumped into the website of  They seem to be ahead of the game, as far as incorporating the emerging tech of the increasing possibilities of Google Glass, and using peripheral tech to centralize EMR  services in a clinical setting.  They are actively incorporating use of Google Glass in the exam room to retrieve medical records, and lab values of patient, while seeking to maintain contact with the patient.  They incorporate flat screens in the exam room to facilitate patient engagement, and education.  In addition, the EMR tech is centeralized.

These developments, we feel, are just going to happen, because they benefit both patient and doctor, and just, well, make sense, and, moreover, make the patient visit more efficient.

See a Google Hangout we had with a few members of their organization,  Kevin Perdue and Chris Vukin, where we discuss also their foray into CPR Glass, as well as incorporation of the Google Glass tech in the office, and centralizing an easily accessible database through developing computer tech, by use of both hardware and software tools.


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