by John Bennett MD

Tonight at 12:30 am, Ric Novak MD, an Anesthesiologist from Stanford, will do a Google Hangout at  The topic tonight will be “Anesthesiology and Obamacare”.

So tune in at that time, and you can see Ric, and possibly an undisclosed “guest” discussing the changes that may come about, once Obamacare is in full force in the Healthcare system in the USA.

The viewer will have the options of posting Tweets, that Ric will answer at opportune times.

And, we can’t make any promises about who might show up, but we did think it rather strange that the Secret Service has swept Ric’s home in California for listening devices on two occasions.



ANESTHESIA WEEKLY: Anesthesia Weekly, started January 30, 2014, when Rick Novak MD of Stanford discusses “Robots” Anesthesia, see Below.


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