by John Bennett MD

Google Hangouts are being used by Rohan Khandelhar MD, a Breast Surgeon  and active Oncology Blogger, from the famous Oncology center in Bangladore, Narayana Health City.    He is using this platform to reach Indian Medical students in all parts of India, as seen in the video below:

Students, as can be seen in the video, participate in two ways; either by being on the panel, or simply going to a pre-made, specialized web page, outfitted with two Tweet Boards, as seen here.  The topic was “Preparing for the USMLE Exam”, and Dr. Khandelhar deftly answered both tweeted questions from the general Indian audience, as well as from the panelists.

Google Hangouts  work well in India, because no complicated systems, both software and hardware, are not needed.  All one needs is a fast speed connection, a webcam and a gmail account!

Please let us know if we can arrange for a Medical Education Hangout, complete with the appropriate Tweet Boards, if you like.  We can set the whole thing up!

Just email me at desertedbeach at hotmail dot com!


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