by John Bennett MD

Yuriy Svidinenko, a Ukrainian medical animator, specializes in fantastic videos of Nanotechnology, Oncology, and Genetics.  Any aid to understand these sometimes difficult sciences is welcome.  And in no science in Medicine, is it no more important to understand, since  the science of nanotechnology takes place on a miniscule molecular basis.

Yuri will be doing a LIVE Nanomedicine Google Hangout HERE on Wednesday at 9 pm EST at www.InternetMedicine.com/nanomedicine-weekly.

Yuri, it is hard to believe, does not have a science background but studies that particular area of his animation, before doing them.  He is attempting to raise funds to continue to make these awesome videos, so please help, if you can.

Go HERE to see Yuri’s channel of unparrelled videos of Medicine




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