February 01, 2014

Over the course of the past decades we’ve seen formfactors of computers shrink. We all remember the pictures of huge computer (as in electronic programable computer) that had to build into a whole office-space in the old days.

From that we’ve went to a computer that filled a wall, often with those huge tapes running around on It took a while to get to the desktop computer, that we could move around a bit if needed and sometimes was set-up at computer-tables than could roll around. All-though all kinds of steps were set in between, and not long after the laptopcomputer entered the arena, that was carriable. It was only until recently that the tablet computer hit the market, actually after the smartphone had become mainstream.

We are now witnessing the era of wearables like the Google Glass and a-likes, smartwatches and augmented reality devices.

Next up will be all kinds of ‘devices’ that will go in your body. This may be just under your skin,in your eye, swallowed or injected.

Looking for a word for that formfactor last December i coined them “insideables” because that’s what the are, aren’t they ?

Have a look at this great video explaining how Nanotechnology will change healthcare

Can you imagine what will come after that ? Maybe be that is un-imagineable, i don’t think back then when computers filled a whole room, anybody imagined Nanobots clearing up your body.


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