(ED NOTE: You know, when I watched the professionally-made, and produced webcast of Stanford MEDX 2013, I knew that medical conventions were going to change; I saw most members in the audience with their heads buried in their computer devices, and barely looking at the speaker.  At first, I thought, what rudeness!  Then I slowly realized that these attendees were simply expanding the experience, and the computing device was enhancing what the speaker was saying; the attendees were communicating, tweeting, texting, emailing their colleagues who were not attending the conference, and were not playing “The Birds”!

But Seriously folks, pay attention, and conferenence organizers, please take note, or take your seat next to the travel agents of pre-digital days.

Look at the impressive line-up of Presenters!!!  We  would  love to have a Hangout with whoever organized this baby.

Now, the old way of doing conventions is fine, and enjoyable, and we appreciate every minute these dedicated professionals have selflessly spent their time, in promoting education in their fields.  But a new way is coming, to complement the old, and to eventually replace the old.  Perhaps, conventions will soon be relegated to yearly meetings of administrators of that particular topic

The writing is on the wall



(Use hashtag #BCLneuroscience for this event on Twitter. )

BioConference Live makes it easier and more cost-effective for the neuroscience research community to come together online through live video webcasts and real-time networking. BioConference Live attendees learn new concepts, tools and techniques that they can apply to research and diagnosis. BioConference Live requires no travel or time away from the lab or hospital, yet delivers all the benefits of a physical conference. Attendees can earn free CME and CE Credits.

Learn about recent investments and the scientific foci of the BRAIN Initiative through a panel discussion with key leaders from different scientific and funding regulatory agencies.  The BRAIN Initiative is part of a new Presidential focus aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain.

Other topics will include:  A panel discussion on Multiple Sclerosis, Neurologic Function and Dysfunction, Nervous System Development & Function, Neurologic Dysfunction from Molecular Mechanism to Human Diseases, Genetics of Neurologic Diseases and Epigenetic Regulation, Neurologic Diseases from Lab to Clinic including:  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, ALS, traumatic brain & spinal cord injury, Epilepsy, neuropsychiatric disorders, Emerging Therapies including: immunomodulation, stem cells, non-coding RNA, neuroengineering, neurorobotics, myelin repair, combinatorial therapies, Imaging Technologies (in vitro and in vivo), Power of Methods including: diagnostic tests, biomarkers, tools to detect therapeutic responses, and Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience.

This event will bring together research scientists, post docs, principal investigators, lab directors and professionals from around the world to learn about recent advances in neuroscience. This conference offers an amazing opportunity as it is free to participants, and there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for travel. However, participants will still benefit from interacting with a global community of like-minded colleagues, without leaving the comfort of their office or home.

Conference participants will be able to

  • Attend interactive live streaming video sessions
  • Have their questions answered in real-time by industry experts
  • Chat live with peers and speakers
  • Browse a virtual exhibit floor for solution providers
  • Earn free CME and CE continuing education credits

No crowded airports, delayed flights or expensive hotel rooms, but still the look and feel of a first-rate conference with world renowned experts. Participants also benefit from the fact that experts and vendors are more accessible, no more waiting in line to speak to someone. Think it is too good to be true? Checkout the venue and become a believer


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