by John Bennett MD

A new application, PillTalk,  has been created by Ryan Kuriakose, a pharmacist from St. John’s University, and now currently in San Francisco.  The application is geared mainly toward pharmacists, and gives information about about medication instruction, usage, and interactions, in a friendly interface.  What distinguishes this app from other drug information apps, is their attempt to simplify much of the copious,  excessively voluminous information, that most other drug apps provide.

In addition, there is a feedback feature, which is unique, where patients, or healthcare providers can give their views of various medication, for each particular drug.  This seems to be a very valuable tool, that can

let the Pilltalk developers know what is happening in the field, and crowdsource drug information for one drug, in one site.

Here’s an informal video of John Bennett MD, with the owner, and creator of Pilltalk, Ryan Kuriakose:



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