(ED NOTE: Organovo is not paying for this post, nor are we receiving any compensation in any form;  their website explains this tech very well;  we feel that BioPrinting is a fantastic development that is going to aid Healthcare in many areas, whichever company performs the same revolutionary tasks that Organovo does;  we feel the world needs to know about the developments in this field, because we feel it is only going to have a increasingly bigger impact on healthcare)

SOURCE: Website of Organovo

Bioprinted Human Tissue

Organovo’s proprietary bioprinting platform captures the unique synergistic potential of engineering and biology to enable the reproducible, automated creation of living human tissues that mimic the form and function of native tissues in the body. Genomics and proteomics have revolutionized research through the creation of highly reproducible tools for studying the genome and proteome. Organovo seeks to create a highly reproducible, dynamic 3D platform for Organomics ™, the study of living organs in vitro. Our 3D bioprinted human tissues are constructed with precision from tiny building blocks made of living human cells, using a process that translates tissue-specific geometries and cellular components into 3D designs that can be executed by an Organovo NovoGen Bioprinter™. Once built, the bioprinted tissues share many key features with native tissue, including tissue-like cellular density, presence of multiple cell types, and the development of key architectural and functional featuresassociated with the target native tissue.

Organovo’s 3D human tissues offer many advantages over standard cell-culture platforms due to the fact that three-dimensionality is achieved without dependence on biomaterial or scaffold components that would not be found in native tissues.

At Organovo, we design and create functional human tissues using our proprietary three-dimensional bioprinting technology. Our goal is to build living human tissues that are proven to function like native tissues. With reproducible 3D tissues that accurately represent human biology, we are enabling ground-breaking therapies by:

  • Partnering with biopharmaceutical companies and academic medical centers to design, build, and validate more predictive in vitro tissues for disease modeling and toxicology.
  • Giving researchers something they have never had before: the opportunity to test drugs on functional human tissues before ever administering the drug to a living person; bridging the gulf between preclinical testing and clinical trials.
  • Creating functional, three dimensional tissues that can be implanted or delivered into the human body to repair or replace damaged or diseased tissues.

Gabor Forgacs at TEDMED 2011

Gabor Forgacs: In vitro meat – it’s what’s for dinner!  

BONUS: Bioprinting makes Meat!

Will engineered meat help feed humanity’s billions? That likelihood is closer than you think, and the proof is right on the TEDMED stage. Organovo’s Gabor Forgacs, in a first-ever live demonstration, cooks up and eats meat engineered using a 3D bioprinting process.


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