by John Bennett MD

We would like to announce the judging of the “Top Ten Internet Smart Doctors in the World”, for the past year, 2013.  This year is slightly different, since we are taking votes, before we announce the nominations,  on  February 1, 2014 .

See the Top Ten from Last Year.

As ample testimony to their work, they do not need full names to identify them:

 Topol,  Cadogen,  Kraft,  Mesko,  Diamantis,  Sehti,  Kubben,  Powell,  Pho and  Husain.

Thank God, they are all alive and well.  All continue to thrive, contribute, teach, speak, and interface between the Internet and Medicine, and improve Healthcare, leveraging the internet to do so.  It may be difficult to unseat them with new faces.

The criteria for voting: a doctor that uses the internet, in some manner,  to improve healthcare, pure and simple.

Voting can be anonymous, and, unlike in Chicago, each person is only allowed one vote, and one nomination.  Please,  if possible, in a short email, explain why you feel the recommended doctor should be in this group.

Please  nominate or vote for someone you feel has put extra effort into working the net  We spend a lot of time on the net, but may miss a worthy doctor, so let us know, and know why he or she deserves the nod.

Email to:


The Top Ten Internet-Doctors in the World for 2013 will be announced, here, in a post on February 1, 2014.

Thank you for your participation!


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