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The unique solution for multimodality oncology follow-up, Myrian® XL-Onco is the culmination of 8 years of development of the Myrian® platform.
Dedicated to oncology follow-up, it manages the sequencing of tasks essential for the management of cancer patients with elevated efficiency and in strict compliance with the international RECIST rules, consensually established by European Canadian and American authorities.
The Cheson protocol for following lymphomas and a generic protocol whose parameters can be set by the user, are also available.

Myrian® XL-Onco was developed and validated jointly with leading French experts and makes Intrasense a world leader in oncology follow-up software applied to medical imaging.

It is intended for routine clinical practices of hospitals treating cancer patients, as well as pharmaceutical companies and CROs in the framework of phase I, II and III clinical trials to evaluate anti-cancer therapies.

Original technologies
Automated retrieval of prior examinations, dedicated clinical workflow obeying RECIST rules, automatic 3D registrations of examinations in elastic mode, automated production of reports.

It is used to follow the course of a patient’s cancer by comparing the latest examination to prior results. This follow-up involves key steps managed by the software that considerably simplifies the radiologist’s work.

First-rate partners
The best specialized cancer teams contributed to the development of this module:
– Curie Institute (Paris, France),
– Pitié-Salpêtrière (AP-HP — Paris Public Hospitals Authority) (Paris, France),
– Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (AP-HP — Paris Public Hospitals Authority) (Paris, France),
– Civil Hospices of Lyon (HCL), (Lyons, France),
– Montpellier University Hospital (Montpellier, France).

In addition to other clinical partners, a leading CRO (contract clinical research organization) selected the Intrasense solution among those of the leading market players to conduct clinical trials for major international pharmaceutical companies.


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