(ED NOTE: There is always a crush of digital innovation after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which just occurred.  Here follows many of the more interesting one, especially the app which Tweets a husband if his mate’s bra comes off!  And you thought she was having lunch with her friends!)
#1 Anti-Smoking Amulets

The Clean Life Device Offers Emotional and Mental Support During Cessation Full Article 

Anti-Smoking Amulets
#2 Mobile Heath Monitor Add-Ons

The Tinke by Zensorium Tracks and Records Your Vital Signs Full Article 

Mobile Heath Monitor Add-Ons
#3 Wellness-Sharing Watches

The Dusk Health Device Monitors Seniors’ Signs and Sends Them to Family Full Article 

Wellness-Sharing Watches
#4 Healthy Online Communities

The Active Life Campaign Advocates Meeting on the Web & Playing Outside Full Article 

Healthy Online Communities
#5 Charitable Pinboard Campaigns

Elizabeth Arden’s ‘Pin It to Give It’ Board Supports Cancer Patients Full Article 

Charitable Pinboard Campaigns
#6 Smart Stat Trackers

Sony Gets in on the Stat Tracker Game with its SmartBand at CES 2014 Full Article 

Smart Stat Trackers
#7 Social STD Health Histories

Luhu Uses Badges to Show a Person’s STD Status Full Article 

Social STD Health Histories
#8 Personalized Sickness-Curing Campaigns

Kleenex Watched Social Media and Sent Out Get Well Kits Full Article 

Personalized Sickness-Curing Campaigns
#9 Illness-Detecting Apps

The SickWeather App’s Social Health Network Warns Users of Sickness Full Article 

Illness-Detecting Apps
#10 Tweet-Sending Bras

The Nestle SA ‘Tweeting Bra’ Tweets When It is Unclasped Full Article 

Tweet-Sending Bras
#11 Cloud-Connected Pill Containers

The Easypill Lets Doctors Monitor Medication Regimens from Afar Full Article 

Cloud-Connected Pill Containers
#12 Medical Professional Social Apps

iRounds Lets Doctors Track Patients & Communicate With Each Other Full Article 

Medical Professional Social Apps
#13 STD Result-Sharing Apps

Hula is a Service That Lets You Easily Share Your STD Results Full Article 

STD Result-Sharing Apps
#14 Twitter Heart Monitors

Device Measures Your Pulse & Tweets It to All Who Care Full Article 

Twitter Heart Monitors
#15 Online Illness Detectors

The Sickweather Site Tracks the Sickness in Your Area Full Article 

Online Illness Detectors
#16 Surgery Sponsoring Web Donations

Watsi is Making Medical Care Affordable for the Developing World Full Article 

Surgery Sponsoring Web Donations
#17 Twittering Surgeons

Social Network-Savvy Doctors Share Step-by-Step With Students Full Article 

Twittering Surgeons
#18 Life Expectancy Mobile Monitors

Ignite Wellness App Tracks Daily Choices to Improve Health Full Article 

Life Expectancy Mobile Monitors
#19 Sexual Health Facebook Apps

The Terrence Higgins Trust ‘Man Up’ Game for Gay Men’s Health Full Article 

Sexual Health Facebook Apps
#20 Crowdsourced Medical Photo Apps

‘Figure 1’ is an Instagram-Like Medical App for Doctors Full Article 

Crowdsourced Medical Photo Apps
#21 Prescription-Requiring Apps

The BlueStar Diabetes Mobile App is FDA-Approved Full Article 

Prescription-Requiring Apps
#22 Wagering Weight Loss Apps

The DietBet App Encourages People to Get Healthy and Rich Full Article 

Wagering Weight Loss Apps
#23 Social Media Physician Referrals

Whichdoc Recommends Doctors Using Facebook Full Article 

Social Media Physician Referrals
#24 Lifesaving Daily Deals

Groundswell Health Offers Deep Discounts on Medical Equipment Full Article 

Lifesaving Daily Deals
#25 Sickness-Supporting Social Media

Wellaho is an Online Network Helping Those With Chronic Illness Full Article 

Sickness-Supporting Social Media
#26 Nutritious Networking

The Self Diet Tapper System Will Encourage You Via SMS Throughout the Day Full Article

Nutritious Networking

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