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January 14, 2014

As mHealthWatch recently reported, expectations for the growth of mobile healthcare technologies and resources are great this year.

Though medicine is not the first industry that we think of when it comes to companies who can utilize mobile technology, 2014 will see a huge mobile transformation for the world of medicine.

While most other industries have already been heavily influenced by the mobile revolution, healthcare has largely avoided this transition to same aggressive degree. Most experts believe, however, that the healthcare arena is growing tired of missing out when it comes to embracing new technologies, and are pleased to see that some segments within the industry are open to change this year.

With the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, it is now easier than ever for patients to be connected to not only information about their health conditions, but also directly to the doctors and caretakers who can help them regulate those conditions. For example, some researchers believe that the same technology that is used to monitor the heart rates of patients can be used on the mobile scale to keep track of at-risk patients while they are on the go.

Standing in the way of these new innovations is the FDA, which continues to articulate concerns about not only the viability but also the safety of turning mobile devices into “mobile medicine.”

Early this year, it is expected that the FDA will hold a hearing to discuss the ramifications and benefits of increasing mobile technology – a reality that is happening as we speak regardless of the FDA’s lingering, and some say unfounded, concerns.


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