(Tonight, at 9pm EST, “Beginning Genomics” with Neil Rens, going over his introductory Genomics Videos,

as well as John Bennett MD, using slides from presentation done by Mark Boguski MD, Kent Bottles MD, Mike Thompson MD, Arnold Pallay MD, from their excellent webinar from on October 18, 2012.

This decision was made, because of the increasing importance of “new” areas of the medical  sciences, as well as the simultaneous discovery of a fantastic educational tool, the Google Hangout.  We take the literary license to call them “New Sciences”, because their “newness” is relative.

They are

1) Medical Robotics : Mondays 9 pm

2) Genomics: Tuesdays 9 pm

3) NanoMedicine Wednesdays 9 pm

4) 3dPrinting in Medicine Thursdays 9 pm

5) Stem Cells Fridays 9 pm

and continuing weekly

We have been very lucky, with the aid of Social Media and hard work, to reach out into each respective community, and to have qualified and eager guests to appear on the appropriate nights, via a fanatastic new platform that has come to our attention, Google Hangouts.  And we will continue to try to stay on top of each science with engaging guests,  relevant topics, and health-related issues.

To see the various guest line-ups, go to  Initially, since the majority of viewers may not completely understand what these sciences are, we will go slowly, and introduce their brief history, their place in medicine today, and where they are going in the future.

These Hangouts will be done LIVE, and EVERYONE IS INVITED!  The viewer simply goes to the appropriate web address, or URL to watch, as seen on THIS PAGE.  In addition, we have constructed the page, with a Tweet Board, so that the viewer can comment to other viewers, and raise questions, at the appropriate times during the discussion, and INTERACT.

For an example of a page, go to

And we may invite guests to appear, that are making news, or have made news in that particular science.

But I feel that Google Hangouts are the Killer App of Medical Education, and now is the time to jump in that water, it ain’t so cold, my little chickadee!

We will do our best to leverage it for education, and welcome participation, and networking in the Medical community, not just of this country, but of the WORLD!

After all, there are more smartphone screens than Television screens.

And we invite the Healthcare community to request us to form a Hangout for their Healthcare niche.  If the demand is great, we will form another website, and build a Medical TV station!  After all, there is Crime TV that runs 24 damn hours, and there is more healthcare than crime.  No, wait a minute, let’s not go there.

We will construct the page, host it, and  instruct you on how to maintain it,  and hold hangouts,  invite guests, etc.  and moreover, have a good ole time LEARNING, CONNECTING, ENGAGING and SOCIALIZING!

Let’s have us some fun kickin’ sickness and disease in da Butt!

And pass on this post, so everyone knows!

Email us at

for details on how we can set up your Medical Hangout


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