by John Bennett MD

January 5, 2013

Oh, brother.  The proofreaders are going crazy around the watercooler.  Normally, their favorite words in a title of a new article submitted are “Parade”, “Infographic”,  and “Exotic Dancers”, but we may have to add a few more, of “Free” and “Online”, judging from their constant buzzing, and yelps when they saw this article.

At any rate, was fortunate enough to network with  James Leary PhD, a Professor of Nanomedicine at Purdue, in Indiana.  James sent me this fantastic link of, which has excellent online simulations in all areas of Nanotechnology.  It seems like a great way to start one’s way into trying to understand this science, which will, we bet, get increasingly more important in Medicine, and will continue to cause advances.


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