Next-Generation Sequencing from Research to the Clinic
(ED NOTE: To see what NGS is, go to this PDF; essentially, it is a tremendous technological advance that facilitates Gene Mapping)

Next-Generation Sequencing from Research to the Clinic

  • In this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report we examine the trajectory of next-generation sequencing(NGS) as it migrates from the research environment toward the clinic.

    Highlights of this report:

    • The NGS field received a major boost with the first U.S. FDA approval granted to Illumina’s MiSeqDx system.
    • This development will further drive forward the deployment of NGS for clinical testing and result in more publications in this field with clinical samples.
    • Even though cancer is the major driver of the NGS space currently in the clinical segment, this will expand to include other disease areas, most notably in the case of genetic diseases as well as infectious agent characterization.
    • The migration toward the clinic means that more clinical tests using NGS for mutation analysis are predicted downstream.

    CLICK HERE to download the PDF report.


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