Cancer Personalized Medicine: What You Need to Know
Dec 6, 2013

A bottom-up market analysis of the driver that is moving patient-disease management forward.

  • In this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report we examine the landscape of cancer personalized medicine based on the results of bottom-up market analyses, which pinpoint the current status and trajectory of cancer personalized medicine.

    Highlights of this report:

    • Cancer personalized medicine is the major driver moving the entity of personalized medicine and patient-disease management forward.
    • 70% of the total efforts in the personalized medicine space are focused on the various cancer segments taken together.
    • The impact of microRNAs, epigenetics, and other novel biomarker classes on the cancer personalized medicine space is small currently—indeed the majority of biomarkers are gene- and protein expression-based.
    • The impact of companion diagnostics and tailored therapeutics development is expected to expand the reach of personalized medicine beyond cancer into other disease classes.
    • The collision of NGS into cancer personalized medicine has begun.

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    Enal Razvi, Ph.D., conducted his doctoral work on viral immunology and subsequent to receiving his Ph.D. went on to the Rockefeller University in New York to serve as Aaron Diamond Post-doctoral fellow under Professor Ralph Steinman [Nobel Prize Winner in 2011 for his discovery of dendritic cells in the early-70s with Zanvil Cohn]. Subsequently, Dr. Razvi completed his research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. For the last two decades Dr. Razvi has worked with small and large companies and consulted for more than 100 clients worldwide. He currently serves as Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director of SelectBio U.S. He can be reached at

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