(ED NOTE: While browsing the net, looking for thought leaders in Robotics, for our new weekly Google Hangouts on Robotics, I stumbled upon some gold; there seems to be a fantastic research center at Carnegie-Mellon in Cleveland, that is probably one of the research leaders  in this New Science of Medical Robotics; one begins to understand how Medicine will benefit, when one reviews the various projects going on at Carnegie.   Really, do yourself a favor, and go through some of the projects, and you will definitely be amazed!)


Research Labs at Carnegie Tech

Through innovations in robotics and information technologies for medicine and surgery, we are pursuing perfection in healthcare. We do basic and applied research in computer-assisted surgery, smart medical and diagnostic tools, 2D and 3D medical image analysis and informatics, rehabilitative and prosthetic devices, assisted living and preventive healthcare equipment, and continuous healthcare process improvement. The MRT Center is harnessing and extending robotics and information technologies developed at Carnegie Mellon and elsewhere, and in collaboration with medical centers and biotechnology companies in the Pittsburgh region, quickly getting research results into clinical practice and commercial development.

Here follow the Six Main Sections of the Research Labs


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