by Iltifat Husain MD

Google Glass is going to save your life.

Maybe not today, this week, or this month–but eventually it will.

When Glass was initially released at the beginning of the year, I was skeptical of its proposed utilizations in medicine.

My main beef was why you couldn’t use a smartphone or laptop to do some of the same functions people were proposing for Glass.

I still signed up to receive an early pair because of how novel the device was and all the hype surrounding Glass.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been using my Glass Explorer edition extensively in the hospital (no recording or taking pictures of any patient information) and also for personal use. A few short weeks of use have me convinced it will save lives–to the extent that I’m forming my own software team to start experimenting with potential applications in medicine.

It’s also important to note there are ways Glass will not be used in medicine. I can’t help but laugh at some of the things I read, such as how Glass can be used to help keep eye contact with patients while talking to them in a primary care setting. I’ll explain why you’ll be getting complaints if you actually try to use Glass while talking to a patient.

First Impression

I was pleasantly surprised at how polished the actual device and interface is. The device doesn’t feel like a beta product at all. The hardware is beautiful and doesn’t feel cheap like most Android phones do. The most surprising part of the device is how clear the projected display appears. Google says the display size is equivalent to a 25 inch HD display 8 feet away from you–I would argue the display feels even larger. You are easily able to view videos and pictures vividly.

Using the device is easy. The voice commands work easily and the touch display on the right frame of the device is very responsive. I’ll do a further in-depth review of the actual device later, but the main purpose of this article is to explain how Glass is going to save your life.



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