(ED NOTE:  Seems like Psychiatry is also being impacted by digitalization; useful apps for patients that may have a difficult time, physically seeing the psychiatrist, and apps to provide a systematic approach to different types of therapy.  This appears to be a useful app that is worth a look; however, we are neither endorsing it, or not, but simply exposing it for evaluation; Disclaimer, no advertising fees received, and no financial interest in the app.)




The ADHD Trainer is a cognitive training application designed for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The ADHD Trainer is adapted from a cognitive training technique, the TCT (Tajima Cognitive Training) Method. Dr. Kazuhiro Tajima-Pozo developed the TCT Method. Dr. Tajima-Pozo is an expert psychiatrist in the diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD. The aim of the ADHD Trainer is to improve cognitive impairment in children with ADHD, such as, inattention, difficulties in perceptual reasoning, calculation, verbal fluency, and inhibition control. According to research conducted in ADHD, regular cognitive training can improve core symptoms of AD/HD.


The ADHD Trainer targets specific areas of cognitive impairment in ADHD children. These include difficulties with attention, calculation, inhibitory control, verbal fluency, visuomotor coordination, and perceptual reasoning. Cognitive training is especially recommended for children displaying weaknesses in cognitive or executive functioning. These exercises were specifically developed to appear as equivalent to recreational games in order to maintain optimal motivation for users. Upon completion of each cognitive exercise, children are provided with their score results that a user can examine at the end of the task. These exercises train selective-, sustained-, and divided-attention, memory, visuomotor coordination, inhibitory control, impulsivity, calculation, verbal fluency and perceptual reasoning. Through daily completion of cognitive training, the ADHD Trainer application creates an individualized cognitive therapy program for each user. This accomplished by storing score records in a database, so the user can choose to complete exercises showcasing areas of greatest cognitive impairment, as compared with their own averages as well as those of other users.

See this video of a Google Hangout, done on Dec 22, 2013, with Editor John Bennett MD, and Nishat Pandey,  a Spine Surgeon from India,  speaking to Dr. K, about his app and program

(Dr. Tajima Pozo is a childhood and adolescent psychiatrist, with expertise in AD/HD disorders. He completed his academic training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.  Dr. Tajima-Pozo has received several awards for his research in ADHD in Spain. His current research focuses on the neurobiological underpinnings of ADHD by utilizing neuroimaging techniques.)


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