December 10, 2013

We all have the occasional technology meltdown – a computer crash or a lost document. But for the most part technology makes our lives easier. As we move into 2014 and the healthcare industry begins to face new challenges with healthcare reform, undoubtedly everyone will be looking for ways to make life easier.

There are a variety of apps and programs flooding the market designed specifically for medical practices and healthcare professionals that are looking to do just that.

We did a little research and put together a list of some of the best:

Social Media, for Physicians Only – Typically a physician’s schedule leaves little time for social media networking. As a matter of fact, for any busy professional it can be difficult to wrestle with the white noise of networking sites to find relevant information and valuable connections. Platforms like Sermo and Doximity have been designed exclusively for physicians to network, discuss cases and policies, collaborate and even earn honoraria. These sites verify member registration 100% to ensure that no one who is not a doctor gets through.

DrawMD – Also available for free in the Apple app store is an app developed specifically for physicians to illustrate and modify medical images on a tablet or mobile device to more easily communicate details with patients or to save in a patient’s electronic medical record. This is a great way to visually enhance the patient experience as well as document graphic concepts of a patient’s particular health condition.

Medigram – Medigram is an app designed for larger hospitals and facilities. It provides secure, HIPAA compliant group messaging capabilities designed to improve communication and care coordination in the hospital environment. It’s an easy way for healthcare professionals to collaborate and communicate throughout their busy days.

MedPage Today Mobile – Features breaking medical news, audio and video reports, as well as free CME/CE post tests. A great resource for up to date medical news, MedPage Today covers over 30 specialties and covers a variety of meetings and symposiums giving physicians a plethora of information at their fingertips.

Survey on the Spot – A free app, survey on the spot gives practices the ability to conduct quick, easy patient surveys right from the waiting room to gather feedback on service and experience. With implications of the Affordable Care Act looking to quality metrics and ratings as a determining factor for reimbursement rates, this is an easy, streamlined way to manage quality control and patient sentiment in your practice.

DocBook MD – DocbookMD is another HIPAA-secure messaging application for mobile devices designed to share patient information and collaborate with colleagues for quick consultations. These kinds of technology are opening doors for physicians to gather great insight from other physicians into perplexing medical issues.

HealthTap MD – Is yet another resource for physicians to gather expertise from their colleagues. With HealthTap MD doctors can find new patients, enhance their reputations and gain practical clinical wisdom and insight from other renowned doctors, earn more revenue, and help those in need — all by sharing their expertise to real health questions.

The trick to using technology effectively is to become familiar with one program well before moving on to the next. If used effectively, these programs can enrich and enhance the way healthcare professionals run their practices.

Are you using any apps in your practice that has proven to be helpful? Share with us below!

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Rachida EssadiqRachida Essadiq, Director of Marketing at NTC Texas is a successful five year marketing veteran, running events and campaigns for large to  small enterprises and non-profits.  She specializes in blogging, social media, branding/ identity and search engine optimization, striving to provide NTC Texas customers and fans with entertaining and valuable educational resources to find success in all areas of their businesses.


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