by EDITORS on Nov 22, 2013 • 2:08 pm

Evena Medical (Los Altos, CA) has unveiled its new Eyes-On Glasses System that helps clinicians see vasculature below the skin and deliver needles safely and hopefully on the first try every time. The glasses are based onEpson‘s Moverio technology that, similarly to Google Glass, can display graphics for the wearer to see, but goes further with a pair of forward facing cameras for 3D imaging and illumination to brighten the scene.

Though it uses multi-spectral lighting, we suppose that it’s the infrared and near-infrared frequencies that the cameras are tuned to when looking for vasculature. To help document procedures, the glasses allow nurses or doctors to record what they’re doing for upload to a PACS/EMR system, and so can be used in any situation when clinicians would like to film an interesting case.

Here’s more about the Eyes-On glasses:

Press release: Evena Medical Launches Smart Glasses Solution to Detect Patient Veins for Precise IV Placement…


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