“Organs-on-Chips” technology for drug testing |

LabTalk – the AstraZeneca science blog

Cost study calls for fewer breast cancer screenings |

FuturitySelf help: the heart’s stem cells can regenerate and repair |

LabTalk – the AstraZeneca science blog

A Virginia doc connects with her community online |

MainDetecting objects as small as protein molecules using multispectral imaging |

KurzweilAINanodiamond quantum sensors pave way to MRI for living cells |

KurzweilAINew Microbiome

Startup Seres Health Is Developing Bacteria-Filled Pills to Treat Diseases |

MIT Technology Review

Smart Listed: 5 emerging influencers to watch in cancer, genomics, drug research

Monitoring Inhaler Use Improves Asthma Management

Remote Screening for Vision Loss From Diabetes

High Satisfaction With Telemedicine in Pediatric Epilepsy

Impact of Informatics as a Patient: Part II | News |

HIMSSMedical Technology News

| MedgadgetMedical Technology News |

Medgadget FDA Approves Mega Electronic’s Android-Based eMotion ECG

Mobile MonitorSense4Baby

Cardiotocography System Gets FDA 510(k) and European CE Mark Approval

More Nanoparticle Progress: MIT Designs ‘Pill of the Future’ Allowing Absorption of Drug-Carrying Nanoparticles Through Digestive TractTo Speed Up Cancer Diagnosis

, Scientists Mechanophenotype Thousands of Cells per Second

Eyes-On Glasses Help See Veins, Place Needles

What I Learned About Polio in Nigeria

The Language of Healthcare: 5 Online Tools That Will Help You Learn Medical Terminology |

AIMS Education


FierceMedicalDevices’ 2013 Fierce 15 –

FierceMedicalDevicesDigital health: statistics vs. reality |

World of DTC

Why investors will continue to embrace the medical device industry

A Brave New World in Glaucoma

Home Monitoring for Heart Failure: About TIME

An electronic diagnostic pill for detecting early-stage gastric cancer |

KurzweilAI   Medical Education: Shaping the 21st-Century Physician

Cradle attachment turns Apple’s iPhone into handheld biosensor

Computer-aided drug design – an integral part of the discovery process |

LabTalk – the AstraZeneca science blogStudy: the repair and regeneration of damaged heart tissue |

LabTalk – the AstraZeneca science blog


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