(Telepresence Room, courtesy of George Lakis)

by John Bennett MD

The internet gives anyone the power to reach out to anyone in the world.  It does not matter if the person lives next door, the next state, across the country, or in Australia.   If you have a good internet connection on both ends, there is no problem communicating, even visually, with what is called “Google Hangouts”.

  This application is a game-changer.   It, essentially, makes ANYONE a producer, cameraman, videographer, etc.

There is no special equipment, or cameras, other than a normal webcam, that most computers have.

And, with this application, one is able to have a group videochat with up to 10 people simultaneously, as well as an unlimited audience, via a YouTube connection.

Now, imagine the possibilities for medical collaboration, across continents.

For example, you could have a Google Hangout, with 10  breast cancer surgeons, one from each major continent.   And it would be simultaneously accessible to an unlimited number of people, including students.

And it could be in a wonderfully high-tech, comfortable Digital room as above.  And easily recorded in YouTube forever, with no cameraman, production  crew, etc.  Just high-speed Internet connections, computers, and open


Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger and Twitter,  said in a Wired Magazine Interview, in September, 2013,  a tech idea succeeds if you simplify a process.  Not a new process, but an existing process, and  make it simple.

With the game-changer Google Hangouts, the process is simplified.

 Will we get off our ass and use the simplified process?


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