(ED NOTE: The trend now, with education in all fields, including medicine, is to be “screenified”, and mobile)


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One of the most impressive apps for medical education purposes is Nearpod. The premise behind nearpod is simple–to bring the classroom to life with interactive mobile presentations that teachers can create and customize themselves. Nearpod relies on a  cloud based system to distribute interactive presentations to students in a classroom. It is particularly well suited for institutions that own or use tablets regularly (although you can use a phone).

How does it work?

Nearpod allows teachers to upload their presentations and add interactive features such as polls, drawing questions, multiple choice questions and more. These are then distributed to everyone’s device in realtime which the teacher can control.

The teacher can ask a question through the app and then see everyone’s responses. The teacher then has the option to pick a certain answer and show it to everyone or just continue with the presentation. This is easiest explained in the screenshot and video:

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