Virtobot Virtobot Autonomous Autopsy System Scans Bodies, Analyzes for Abnormalities (w/video)



Nov 19, 2013

The team behind the Virtopsy project at University of Zurich, Switzerland has been developing automated tools to perform forensic pathology on corpses for a few years now.  By combining existing capabilities into one system and beefing it up with new features, the team has created the second version of the Virtobot, a robotic system that can photograph a body from every angle, take a 3D digitized laser scan, and even place a needle into a vessel to deliver a contrast agent before performing a CT scan. The system does automatic tool changes, performs computer analysis of the photos and the scans, and can help scan a lot of bodies in a short amount of time. Let’s just hope we won’t need too many of these anytime soon.

Here’s a video demo of the Virtobot:


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