EDITOR: The workers at are already in a tizzy, because of having to work on Thanksgiving Day.  In digital healthcare today, we have explained, to them, we, as curators, have a noble calling, that takes no holidays.

The generation of medical data does NOT take a day off!

The way it works is thus: Information must be

1) curated,

2) categorized

3) communicated

Now, we are responsible here at to curate, categorize, and partially communicate the tsunami of great stuff happening in healthcare today.  I say “partial” when dealing with communication because we can divide that seciton into “active” and “passive”.   To passively communicate it, we just put it out there and seekers of data find it.  “Active” communication is when we have to promote the info, put the post of the info on Social Media, and promote this website, so people come to the website.


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