(ED NOTE: Oh, boy.  It’s a Sunday, and there is a skeleton crew of Proofreaders around the watercooler, but their excitment was palpable when I did this post with a prominent Infographic.  As you know, the three favorite things in the world for these looney proofreaders is 1) Infogaphics 2) a Parade 3) Exotic dancers.  Thanks to Deep for the Post, great blog he has, at Caduceus Blog.  A Caduceus is the staff carried by Hermes, and has been adopted as the emblem of many medical organizations)


Posted on September 14, 2013 by Deep

I’ve said it never and I’ll say it again: Ya gotta love infographics! How else could you turn an otherwise random and often sleep-inducing jumble of important looking illustrations and maybe facts into an eye catching array that draws you in like a fly to a plasma screen? So compelling, their like the pop-up books of science.  Such an obvious idea, right? Yet their still new enough to set off your spell check. (Go ahead, open up Word. I’ll wait. See?)

So I was joyed to accept an invitation to post Caduceusblog’s first-ever infographic. Thanks to the graphic smiths at Master’s in Health Administration Degrees for submitting this post (even if they are a bit numerically challenged;). You can see the original post here




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